Full-Service Construction Services

John Hyland Construction’s full-service approach to Construction Management and General Contracting (CM/GC) goes well beyond the actual building process. Our team’s skills and collective experience also allow us to be intrinsically involved in the planning, design and evaluation of all phases of development.

Single-Source Quality Management

The partners we work with – the owners, architects and engineers — can call on Hyland to provide Design/Bid/Build, Value-Engineering, Budget-Estimating and Project-Management services. That’s what we mean by full service.

The true advantage of Hyland’s full-service approach is evident in the results: the successful execution of high-quality, cost-effective and efficiently constructed built environments.

Design/Build Advantages

Having established strong contacts with reputable local Architects and Engineers, John Hyland Construction is uniquely equipped to handle Design/Build projects. Through this process of consolidating the design and construction phases, Hyland is able to minimize the project owner’s risk by placing tight controls on delivery schedule, revisions, communication and expenditures.

Because Hyland is accustomed to being fully accountable and accessible, we’re comfortable in the Design/Build format, in which the owners have a single point of contact through all phases of development.

Pre-Construction Specialists

John Hyland Construction understands that a project’s success is determined prior to construction. That’s when we build a customized system of program reviews, project scheduling and cost controls that defines our approach to pre-construction services.


During the program phase we identify project constraints, challenges and opportunities, then integrate that data into a detailed Project Management and Delivery plan. Our three decades of experience working with Owners, Architects and Engineers is vital to the effectiveness of this process.


Concurrent with the program phase is an intensive review of the project schedule. At this early stage, we create a milestone schedule, which helps identify critical dates, establish goals and challenge assumptions – our roadmap to a successful project.

Cost Controlling

Hyland’s skilled conceptual estimators have proven their ability to identify potential problems and inconsistencies prior to construction. Because of our strong background with Design/Build and CM/GC projects, we’re accustomed to locking project budgets early in the pre-construction process.

Proven Systems of Success

John Hyland Construction has developed a proven set of management techniques and systems that smoothly guide our construction process. This reliable methodology has established the company as one of the region’s most trusted and thorough Construction Management and General Contracting providers.

John Hyland Construction’s Management Systems and Procedures include:

Our site-based organization is established in accordance with an approved general conditions/management plan.

Subcontractor Control
Throughout the construction process we provide direction, contract administration, supervision and coordination of subcontractors and general condition requirements.

Submittals and Shop Drawings
We establish and manage procedures for sample submittals and shop drawings, which include maintaining logs and other documentation necessary for the approval, revision and distribution of all transmittals, cuts and samples.

Quality Control
Our site team strictly adheres to the Quality Assurance Program we meticulously develop for each construction project.

Safety Controls
Guided by our firm’s established safety policies, Hyland’s Safety-First program dictates the management of every job and provides the framework for a site-specific plan and policy.

Site Accounting
Our in-house team provides direction, contract administration, safety management, subcontractor supervision and general condition requirements. This management scope includes direct responsibility for day-to-day construction activities and assistance in the transfer of owner-purchased materials and equipment.

Project Completion
John Hyland Construction’s closeout procedure, designed to allow an efficient and orderly completion of every project, includes the following checklist:

  • Resolution of all changes and cost related items
  • Deficiencies and omissions/punch list/completion list
  • Final accounting requirements
  • Completion of all operations and maintenance manuals
  • As-built record documents
  • Inspections
  • Warranty tracking and response program

Energy and Resource-Efficient Construction

Experienced in the successful completion of LEED-qualified projects, John Hyland Construction has become a knowledgeable practitioner of energy and resource-efficient construction methods. Moving forward, Hyland remains committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in sustainable built environments, and enhancing the well being of our community.

Sustainable Construction Expertise

In regards to Sustainable Construction, Hyland’s full-service and self-performing capabilities include:

  • LEED Certification assistance, overview and submittal
  • Energy management and analysis
  • Energy-efficient building design consultation
  • Water management plans
  • Storm water and erosion control
  • Air and noise consultation
  • Eco-charrettes (environmental design workshops)